Automate monitoring of your cloud

CloudAlarm alerts you about budget overrun and expensive resource creation, much quicker than Azure Cost Management. Learn more

Khosla Tech is a verified Microsoft partner and its CloudAlarm Azure app has attained verified publisher badge.

CloudAlarm helps you to:

Better and timely forecast to let you avoid unexpected charges ASAP

Just enter your monthly budget and we'll alert you when your daily cost is estimated to exceed it – no need to specify a threshold value, no waiting for the alert until threshold is consumed.

Instantly get notified when an unexpected resource is created

While budget alarms are evaluated once a day, resource alarms are evaluated every few minutes.
Tens of services (VMs, databases, app services, storage etc) and hundreds of tiers (by cost) to setup alarm conditions.
Multiple operators – such as EQUALS, IN, NOT IN, LESS THAN, GREATER THAN – to precisely define resource tiers you don't expect to use, so you can be alerted if a new resource is accidentally created in such a tier.

Keep a watch on accidental deletion of critical resources

Setup resource alarms for deletion with similar options of tiers and operators as you do for new resource, receive alerts when an unexpected deletion happens

Manage budgets and resources by departments, clients or employees

Setup budget and resource alarms at the level of resource groups in addition to subscription.
Support for additional levels like tenant and resources is also planned.

Setup reminders as per your schedule

Never miss an important cost alert because it was sent at the wrong time. Receive alerts and reminders as per your time zone and working schedule.

Take action on the alarm instantly from the email

No repetitive and overwhelming alert messages – take immediate action to reschedule reminder, ignore alarm for the day or month or even update the budget as per the latest forecast, with one click right from actions embedded into the alert message.

Works for everyone having a cloud account – from individual to businesses, organizations and universities of all sizes

Design for scalability

CloudAlarm is designed to scale effortlessly from one subscription with few resources to multiple subscriptions and tens of thousands of resources.

Agencies or consultancies  responsible for managing multiple clients?

Monitor multiple subscriptions and tenants from single account. Create your team and delegate subscription management.
Get started as a business/organization

IT department of a university or large organization?

Setup users and delegate management of one or more subscriptions to them as per their group or department.
Get started as a business/organization

Individual developers or a small business?

Free yourself from constant worry of suddenly receiving a whopping cloud bill because of a tiny mistake in choosing the tier while setting up resources.
Get started as an individual


Supported cloud providers

At the moment CloudAlarm provides full support for Microsoft Azure to create both budget and resource alarms.
AWS support is planned to be rolled out next. Please enter your email so we can notify you when the AWS integration completes.


CloudAlarm is in beta hence at the moment it's free to use for both individuals and businesses/organizations. Customers signing up during beta will get 20% lifetime discount over those who sign up after the beta ends.

About beta version

CloudAlarm is in beta; however, it doesn't mean that you're getting an inferior quality product. An important purpose behind keeping it in beta is to learn from customers their use cases for alarms and incorporate them into the service, without customers requiring to commit on a payment plan.

White labeled or on-premise solution

Contact us to help us understand and provide you a tailored solution exactly as per your need.